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The Oxford Cross Cultural Research Institute has four categories of membership.

(a)               Fellowship

(b)               Associate Member

(c)                Student Member

(d)               Honorary Member


The Fellows are scholars of OCCRi who are responsible for conducting and supervising research.  Twelve fellows serve as members of the Board of Governors that is responsible for the overall management and policy decisions of the Institute.

Associate Members

OCCRi Associate Members are researchers and contributors to the academic and administrative activities of the Institute.

Student Members

Student OCCRi Members assist with research whilst pursuing a degree or alim course at a recognised institution.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members of OCCRi are patrons and supporters of the institution.

Fellowship and Membership eligibility

The Criteria for Fellowship are as follow:

Category 1

(a)               Alimiyah qualification from a recognised Institution; and

(b)               Literary and scholastic attainments; and

(c)                At least 5 years of da’wa experience in a Western country.

Category 2

(a)           Practising Muslim (for at least 10 years prior to membership application); and

(b)          PhD in Islamic Studies or a related discipline; and

(c)           Literary and scholastic attainments; and

(d)          Proficiency in a European Language.

The criteria for Associate Membership:

(a)               Practising Muslim (for at least 5 years prior to membership application); and

(b)               University degree; and

(c)                At least 2 years experience in da’wa activities in a Western country; and

(d)               Experience in research and data analysis.

The criteria for Student Membership:

(a)               Muslim (for at least 10 years prior to membership application); and

(b)               Active member of a Muslim student Islamic society; and

(c)                Registration in an alim or degree course in a recognised institution.

The criteria for Honorary Membership:

(a)               Invitation from the OCCRi Board of Governors.



Membership for all categories will be confirmed by letter.  Members are entitled to attend research methodology and orientation courses conducted by the OCCRi in Oxford, whilst also receiving advice and supervision from OCCRi scholars.  Members will have access to OCCRi databases and archives.  In addition, members will also be given first preference to apply for any academic grants made available to OCCRi.

Application for Membership

Applications for Fellowship and Associate and Student Membership should be sent in the form of a covering letter together with a full CV (providing contact details for three referees) to membership@occri.org.uk